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Qualifying household income range is $74,606 - $199,650

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Please count all individuals who will be living with you at 535 Carlton, including current roommates, children, parents, siblings, partner, or spouse.

Households comprised solely of married or similarly committed couples are only eligible for 1 Bedroom units.
Households comprised of roommates must meet definition of "financial interdependence" as defined by HDC.


Household income?

Please total income from all sources of all household members over the age of 18. This includes wages, bonuses, tips, unemployment compensation, alimony, child support, pension benefits, Social Security benefits, recurring gifts, and public assistance.

Is the income for all residents?

Current Property?

Do you own residential real estate within 100 miles of New York City?


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Qualification is subject to unit availability at the time of tour; prospects may be added to the waitlist if the qualifying unit type isn't available at time of tour. Applicants are subject to income qualification by HDC Household composition is subject to HDC requirements for unit size.

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Thank you for your interest in 535 Carlton,
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Equal Housing Policy

Pinnacle is committed to compliance with all federal, state, and local fair housing laws. Pinnacle will not discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, familial status, disability, or any other specific classes protected by applicable laws. Pinnacle will allow any reasonable accommodation or reasonable modification based upon a disability-related need. The person requesting any reasonable modification may be responsible for the related expenses.